Digital engineering and the tools and processes now available to us are changing the built environment and will alter how the construction and engineering industry operates moving forward.


We have a wide experience of advising clients – from UK start-ups to established, multinational companies – on all types of technology, IT and IP matters including:

  • IT litigation (both as claimant and defendant);
  • International technology outsourcing;
  • Software licensing and development;
  • Supply of hardware and support;
  • Value-added reseller arrangements;
  • E-Business legislation/regulation;
  • Service levels;
  • Cloud insurance;
  • Mobile application development;
  • Systems integration;
  • Information security;
  • Escrow;
  • Data protection compliance;
  • US Safe Harbor regime;
  • Freedom of Information Act requests;
  • Cyber risk; and
  • IT policies e.g. Bring Your Own Device, IT Security, Social Media.

We advise companies on how to manage potential risks around new products and projects, protecting their intellectual property and assisting in the commercialisation of new ventures.

This experience and our understanding of client needs enable us to deliver when it matters most, particularly in complex and high profile cases.

Our Technology Experience


Advising in connection with the M25 DBFO PFI, the second largest PFI procured in the UK with a project value of £6.2 billion. Advising on significant variations including the Dartford Free-Flow Charging Scheme.

Transport for London technology professional service framework

Advising a supplier in relation to a Transport for London technology professional service framework for the provision of ITS, traffic control engineering services, traffic specific project management and traffic control EPROMs.

Highways maintenance and improvement projects

Advising a highways maintenance contractor regarding three separate ‘super highways maintenance and improvement’ projects for London Boroughs valued at £1 billion over 8 years.

Traffic signal installation

Preparing contractual documentation for a technology contractor for traffic signal installation for a major A road in the north of England.

Highways Agency’s smart motorways scheme

Acting for the construction team in relation to the Highways Agency’s smart motorways scheme including negotiation of contracts incorporating the system specification.

Network Rail’s Technology Supplier Qualification System and it's Solution Delivery Framework

Advising a signalling contractor in respect of Network Rail’s Technology Supplier Qualification System and its Solution Delivery Framework – a 10 year framework worth £2bn.

National Roads Telecommunication 2 Scheme

Advising a technology company in relation to its tender for the National Roads Telecommunication 2 Scheme including advice on contractual documents and joint venture arrangements.