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That's the way the cookie crumbles – iPhone users, the Data Protection Act and UK Class Actions

October 2019
Giles Tagg and Zak Mehmood

A recent case heard in the Court of Appeal, Lloyd v Google, involves a myriad of issues with points touching on Data Protection law(s) and the development of the ‘UK class action’. It will be of interest to professionals whose day-to-day work involves the retention of their client’s data and/or private information. The decision recognises a right to claim damages arising out of the loss of control of data, even if there is no pecuniary loss and no distress. It also gives the green light for representative action in such claims.

In this article, Giles Tagg and Zac Mehmood explain the background to this case and how the result will impact the way businesses and professionals hold client’s data.

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