From 9 - 13 October 2023, Beale & Co's insurance team will provide expert insight into a number of insurance topics with a focus on specialty risks.

Alongside ‘typical’ claims in ‘traditional’ product lines, situations frequently arise which require more specialist knowledge – of the insurance industry, a particular business sector or a technical area of law or regulation.

Over the course of our Special Risks Week, our team of insurance experts will deliver a series of insightful seminars, webinars, podcasts and articles covering a range of technical topics, in order to assist you in predicting future trends and managing potential impacts on your business.

Upcoming events include:

Throughout the week we will also be publishing a number of articles and podcasts on the following topics:

                  • Environmental and climate change risks
                  • Sanctions
                  • Educational risks
                  • Product Contamination and Recall
                  • Legal regulation and the SRA
                  • Insurance Brokers and FCA regulation
                  • The Building Safety Act 2022
                  • Declinature of coverage
                  • Health and Safety regulation
                  • Obtaining immunity for the conduct of insolvency officer holders

This is essential material for UK insurers and brokers, so look out for more information on what to expect during Beale & Co’s Special Risks Week on our LinkedIn and Twitter pages.