Asia Pacific

With the Asian construction market continuing to expand, we use our industry specific expertise together with obtaining insights from our locally qualified colleagues from leading law firms, to provide strategically focused advice.

The Asian construction market continues to expand, with booming population growth and a continuing trend towards urbanisation driving demand for quality construction projects throughout the continent.

Whilst China represents the largest construction market in Asia, both domestic and foreign investors alike are showing an interest in infrastructure projects in the continent’s emerging markets, with China’s Belt and Road Initiative providing greater economic connectivity in the region.

Our international model has enabled us to work on various construction, engineering and infrastructure projects across Asia. By combining our own industry specific expertise, together with the insights of locally qualified colleagues from leading law firms, we provide strategically focused advice taking on 90% of the work from one of our own offices with the other 10% delegated to our trusted network of specialist contacts.

Asia Pacific Construction Experience By Location