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Projects in a time of Pandemics – Will Coronavirus affect your construction project?

March 2020
Antony Smith and Nadir Hasan

It seems only a matter of time before COVID-19, or “Coronavirus”, is officially declared a ‘pandemic’ by the World Health Organisation. The absence of the ‘pandemic’ label so far, however, has not in any way lessened the seriousness of the disease’s impact on business around the world.

Construction could be one of the sectors hit hardest by Coronavirus and if you participate in any capacity in major construction projects, particularly if your operations cross national boundaries, the chances are that you will soon begin to feel the fallout as potential disruption to project performance produces fertile ground for disputes.

Here Antony Smith and Nadir Hasan outline the basic contractual principles that you should bear in mind and what to check in your insurances.

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