Beale & Co announces partnership with sustainability experts Bioregional

Tuesday, 26th September 2023

We are delighted to announce that we have appointed the award-winning sustainability consultancy Bioregional to help us realise our vision of becoming a net-zero carbon business.

Working in partnership with Bioregional we will continue measure our carbon footprint – including all ‘scope 3’ emissions from our supply chains – and set a goal to reach net zero on the trajectory needed to limit temperature rises to 1.5 degrees above pre-industrial levels.

The net-zero goal will form part of a new high-level net-zero strategy that considers every aspect of sustainability, which we and Bioregional will develop over the coming year.

Measuring and reducing our environmental impact is a high priority within our responsible business strategy. Our new net-zero strategy builds on the success of recent initiatives to address energy usage, waste, and materials across our offices, while working closely with suppliers to ensure their activities support their environmental targets and commitments.

Nathan Modell, Partner and Head of ESG at Beale & Co, said: “We believe in creating a better future, not only through the services we deliver, but in how we run our business. We need to look honestly at our environmental, social, and economic impacts and ensure we play our part in helping our clients to respond to the climate and ecological emergency.

“Partnering with Bioregional is a signal of our commitment to working with leading experts who can deliver practical solutions in line with climate science. This means measuring all our climate change impacts, including ‘scope 3’ emissions, and setting a science-based net-zero goal as part of a joined-up strategy that considers the impact of every area of our operations.”

Founded as a charity in 1994, Bioregional is a purpose-led sustainability consultancy that supports businesses and organisations to measure and reduce their carbon emissions, and to transition to a net-zero carbon, circular, and sustainable future. In the built environment, it works with partners to create net-zero carbon homes, workplaces, and communities that enable sustainable living.