The Irish Construction Contracts Act, 2013 finally becomes law!

July 2016
Cathie Shannon and Mary Smith

The long-awaited Construction Contracts Act became law in the Republic of Ireland on Monday last, 25 July 2016. The Act now applies to certain construction contracts (including related consultants’ appointments) entered into in that jurisdiction after that date. The Act aims to improve payment practices in the construction industry contracts by providing for important new minimum contractual provisions concerning payment arrangements between the parties to a construction contract.

The Act provides for a number of mandatory written notices and the Act sets out the requirements for those notices but not the prescribed form. The Department of Jobs, Enterprise and Innovation has published an information booklet on the Act, and a number of template forms for guidance including template forms for payment claim notices and response notices. These documents can be accessed at:

Please visit our webinar on the Act wherein Cathie Shannon (Associate), Tom Pemberton (Partner) and John Henderson (Partner) speak about how the legislation may impact those working in the construction sector and also help to explain the changes that your practice may be required to make.

Cathie Shannon would be pleased to answer any queries you have on the Act and how you should set about complying with the same, for example by updating your terms and conditions and “knowing your new rights” in respect of payment and adjudication. Please find both Cathie’s and Mary’s details below:

Cathie Shannon
T: +353 (0) 1 536 9629

Mary Smith
T: +353 (0) 1 536 9630

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