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The arbitrator's role and powers under the new UAE Arbitration Law

February 2019
Sadaff Habib and David Murphy

For 26 years, arbitration in the UAE was governed by the infamous provisions Articles 203-218 of Chapter III of the Federal Civil Procedure Law No.11 of 1992 (the “Old Law). Last year the arbitration community gladly welcomed the enactment of the Federal Law No.6 of 2018 on Arbitration (the “New Law”), based primarily on the UNICITRAL Model Law and which expressly repealed the Old Law. The New Law has clarified and, to a certain extent, provided certainty to the arbitral tribunal’s powers.

In this article, Sadaff Habib and David Murphy provide an insight into the changes in the arbitrator’s role and powers under the New Law, and how it may impact arbitration going forward.

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