The BIM Task Group, in conjunction with the Construction Industry Council, publish Beale and Company Solicitors’ CIC BIM Protocol

Thursday, 28th February 2013

Beale and Company was asked by the BIM Task Group and CIC to draft an industry standard document containing additional contractual provisions to enable the use of Level 2 BIM and allocate some of the risks associated with it.

The protocol was drafted in consultation with members of the various sectors of the construction industry, whose views were obtained on BIM, the risks associated with it and how this new protocol would be of assistance.

Simon Rawlinson, Commercial Lead of the BIM Task Group said: “The CIC BIM Protocol is an extremely important document. Beale and Company’s knowledge and experience of the construction industry has been a real asset in the context of a complex and technical subject.”

John Henderson, Partner at Beale and Company said: “We are pleased to have been involved in what has been an extremely interesting project. We hope that the CIC BIM Protocol and the other documents published today will be a catalyst for the widespread adoption of Level 2 BIM”.

BIM, Building Information Modelling, is essentially the creation and use of computer models of buildings or infrastructure which can then be used for the construction and management of that building or infrastructure. It is becoming increasingly popular both in the public and private sector, offering significant potential gains such as increased collaboration and reduced costs. However to achieve all the benefits it offers the industry will need to learn to work in a new way.

The CIC BIM Protocol, alongside the other documents published today- Outline Scope of Services for the Role of Information Management, Best Practice Guide for PI Insurance with using BIM, the Employer’s Information Requirements and PAS 1192-2- are of significant importance in light of the UK government’s aim for Level 2 BIM to be used on all centrally procured public sector projects by 2016. It is hoped that they will further encourage the uptake of Level 2 BIM in the UK and will mitigate some of the risks surrounding it.

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