The Building Safety Act 2022

Tuesday, 14th May 2024


Tuesday, 14th May 2024

The Building Safety Act 2022

Tuesday, 14th May 2024


The Building Safety Act 2022 has undoubtedly been the biggest shake up of building safety regulation since the Building Act 1984.

With the conclusion of the transitional arrangements due on 6 April 2024, we invite you to join our esteemed construction health and safety lawyers Joanna Lewis, Michael Salau and Andrew Croft for a webinar offering some high-level guidance on how to prepare your business for the new requirements.

Topics included in the webinar:

– A brief background to the Building Safety Act

– The Defective Premises Act – Limitation Periods and Building Liability Orders

– Duty Holder Regime

– Competency

– Higher Risk Building Procedures

– Approach to contracts:

  • What we are seeing
  • Recommended approach

– Other risk management

For more information or to sign up for the event please click here