Webinar: The new CIC BIM Protocol - what's changed?

The new CIC BIM Protocol - what's changed?

Beale & Company
22 May 2018

The highly anticipated BIM Protocol Second Edition was published last month and Beale & Company were delighted to have joined up with the Construction Industry Council to lead the drafting.

In this webinar, Andrew Croft, Associate at Beale & Company and responsible for drafting the new protocol, explains the key changes that have been made including:

  • Its closer allignment with PAS 1192-2;
  • The additional optional provisions in relation to security;
  • The addition of a collaborative process to resolve inconsistencies in relation to information;
  • The flexibility in the amended protocol; and 
  • The approach to using the protocol with the JCT suite and NEC4 contracts.

To discuss any of the issues raised in this webinar please contact Andrew (a.croft@beale-law.com) or call us on +44 (0) 20 7469 0400.

Please click here for a copy of the slides. 

To view a recording of the webinar, please click on the video below.

A number of interesting questions were raised during the webinar; please click here to see a summary of the questions and our responses