Webinar: Mergers and Acquisitions - Selling the Business - 09.12.15

Mergers & Acquisitions 2 – Selling the Business

ACE, Beale & Company and WK Corporate Finance

9 December 2015

There has been a wave of M&A activity in the construction industry, especially so in 2015 which has seen a substantial increase in both the volume and value of transactions.

Our second webinar in our corporate webinar series considers the reasons why you might consider selling your business or merging; preparing the business for sale; maximising the value; the legal structure of a sale of a business; the due diligence process; and key legal documentation.

Our expert speakers include Nelson Ogunshakin, Chief Executive of the ACE, James Hutchinson, Partner at Beale & Company and Dan Nixon, Director at WK Corporate Finance.

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