Webinar: Mergers and Acquisitions - PMI - 27.01.16

Mergers & Acquisitions 3 – Post Merger Integration (PMI)

ACE, Beale & Company and WK Corporate Finance

27 January 2016

The process of combining two or more organisations into a single organisation is a nervous time for all involved. Organisation systems such as assets, people, resources, technology and brand amongst other things will need to be looked at and it is possibly one of the most challenging areas to address pre-close during a merger or acquisition.

The third and final of our corporate webinar series considers the key steps for successful integration, including committing to one culture and winning hearts and minds; the financial aspects such as ensuring that synergies result in increased profitability / performance and incentivising former owners post completion; and due diligence as an integration tool, managing post-completion obligations and avoiding conflict.

Our expert speakers include Nelson Ogunshakin, Chief Executive of the ACE, James Hutchinson, Partner at Beale & Company and Dan Nixon, Director at WK Corporate Finance.

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