Webinar: Interim Measures in International Arbitration

Webinar: Interim Measures in International Arbitration

Beale & Co
20 November 2019

Sadaff Habib and Nadir Hasan, Associates from our Dubai and London offices, discuss the following topics including in the context of both common law and civil law jurisdictions:

  • When to seek interim relief and factors to consider;
  • Courts or emergency arbitrators; 
  • Obtaining interim relief during an arbitration; 
  • Enforcement of interim measures.

To discuss any of the issues raised in this webinar please contact Sadaff (s.habib@beale-law.com / +971 (0) 4 356 3902) or Nadir (n.hasan@beale-law.com / +44 (0) 20 7469 0438). 

Please click here for a copy of the slides. 

To view a recording of the webinar, please click on the video below.

This webinar was hosted live from The International Arbitration Centre (IAC), an exclusive hearing space in the heart of legal London offering five star, purpose built ADR facilities.