Trainee Recruitment Partner

Ian Masser, Trainee Recruitment Partner

Ian Masser, the firm’s Trainee Recruitment Partner provides some tips on applying for training contracts with Beale and Company.

Tips from Trainee Recruitment Partner

We receive hundreds of applications each year and so here are a few top tips for making your application stand out from the crowd:

 The Application Form

  1. Know who you are applying to and do your research. We are looking for people who show a genuine interest in the law, what we do as a firm and a desire to build a career with us;
  2. A good academic record is a must, but we are looking for something in an application that stands out from the rest i.e. an interest, an achievement, examples of leadership etc;
  3. Be concise and relevant; and
  4. Check your application for spelling errors and grammar.

The Interviews

You are over the first hurdle. There is something about you that we like and we want to meet you.

  1. Be prepared. It is an interview for a legal position, so if you have already undertaken a Law Degree / the GDL / the LPC, then expect to be asked about the law. Whatever your background, it will be tailored to you, but you need to show that you are interested in the law and capable of thinking about legal problems coherently and strategically;
  2. Be current. Check the press, check our website, and check legal resources to know about developments relevant to our business;
  3. Know what we do and have something to say about it; and
  4. Ask questions carefully – they tell us a lot about you, and it is also an opportunity for us to market the firm to you.

The application process is as time consuming for you as it is for us. If we get it right then it is also just as rewarding.

We look forward to hearing from you.