Technology & cyber

We provide advisory and claims services to insurers and their insureds on Tech E&O matters and cyber events including DDOS, malware, ransomware and phishing attacks.

In addition, we advise on both first- and third party cyber claims including: loss or damage to digital assets; business interruption; cyber extortion and crime; reputational damage; theft of money or digital assets; security and privacy breaches; customer notification expenses and loss of third-party data.

As well as managing regulatory notification and related investigations, we trace and recover monies stolen through cyber- related fraud. This can include taking legal action for the speedy identification and freezing of relevant assets.

For further information please see our Tech and Cyber Brochure.

Cyber Breach Response Service

An effective response to a cyber incident requires a coordinated and multidisciplinary approach. Our response team are available 24 hours a day and ready to respond immediately in the event of a data breach or Cyber-attack.

Our response team includes our third party Partners providing external technical/IT expertise, PR advice and credit monitoring.

From the moment an emergency call is made, we will co-ordinate the necessary response in conjunction with our third party experts in order to rapidly:

  • Assess and contain the threat;
  • Advise on the legal implications of the data breach, third party liability etc.;
  • Mitigate reputational damage;
  • Advise on any statutory or contractual notification obligations of the breach to the authorities and clients/customers; and
  • Resolve liability claims and potential future risks.

View our Cyber Claims and Breach Response Service here.