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Stephen Reilly, Andrew Jones and Kiran Gill

The criminal cyber world is fast-paced and does not wait for antiquated legal processes to catch-up. The increasing cybercrime statistics on nearly every metric are frightening.

Recently, the English Courts have adopted a creative approach in order to assist victims and their insurers in recovering monies from cyber criminals.

In this article, we discuss some recent English Court decisions which have involved Ransom Recovery and Impersonation Fraud Recovery.

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Antony Smith and Sadaff Habib

We are seeing an increase in disputes arising out of poorly drafted contract provisions that offer multiple interpretations, leaving those tasked with applying and/or interpreting such provisions guessing as to what the parties originally intended.

In this article Antony Smith and Sadaff Habib remind us how costly simple drafting mistakes can be and the issues faced in overcoming them.

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Andrew Croft and Ben Spannuth

In our round up of cases of most interest to construction Andrew Croft and Benjamin Spannuth report on a decision that confirms the importance of expressly including an Act-compliant payment mechanism and an express right to suspend in the event of non-payment in every ‘hybrid’ contract; and another that warns replacement contractors not to be reckless in how they regard pre existing disputes.

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Killian Dorney

Since the introduction of statutory adjudication in Ireland by the Construction Contracts Act 2013 (CCA), it has been possible to refer payment disputes under construction contracts to adjudication for resolution. Following a slow start in 2016 after the enactment of the CCA, the use of adjudication has recently shown a marked rise in frequency. In this article, Killian Dorney provides an overview of the purpose of adjudication, the process, and how to prepare when making a referral to adjudication or responding to one.

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Michael Salau and Jade Harvey

In recent years, Japanese Knotweed has become the ‘villain’ of the horticultural world, feared by property owners and mortgage lenders.

However, a UK government report published in May 2019 suggests that Japanese Knotweed may not be as big a problem as previously thought. In this article we consider the problematic nature of the plant, the conclusions reached in the government’s report and what the future might hold for Japanese Knotweed and those affected by it.

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James Vernon and Sophie Bryant

Yesterday saw the introduction of a new Private Members’ bill to tighten up existing late payment legislation, the first attempt to address late payment issues since the disappointing failure of the Aldous Bill last year.

In this note, James Vernon and Sophie Bryant discuss some of the key details of the new bill.

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Joanna Lewis and Sheena Sood

This week saw the announcement of new building safety reforms by Housing Secretary Robert Jenrick MP.

The proposals show a clear obligation for building owners/leaseholders to press on with remediation work as soon as possible, and evidence a move away from the emphasis on building height as a threshold for building safety requirements. In this latest update in our series ‘Building a safer future’, Joanna Lewis and Sheena Sood consider the extent of the latest reforms and their impact on the construction industry.

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Cian O'Gorman and Sophie Bryant

The recent judgment of Barniville J. in the case of XPL Engineering v K&J Townmore Construction Ltd suggests that the Court will be reluctant to override provisions set out in a contractual arbitration agreement and serves as a useful reminder of the Court’s increasing support for the referral of disputes to arbitration.

In this article, Cian O'Gorman and Sophie Bryant discuss the facts of the case, the decision of Barniville J. and what it means for those seeking to invoke contractual arbitration clauses in disputes.

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