COVID-19 and measures taken to contain its spread have by now impacted all businesses in the UK and worldwide. As the crisis worsens the construction sector is likely to be amongst the hardest-hit. There remains uncertainty over whether construction sites are permitted to operate in light of the Government’s unprecedented restriction on people’s movements announced yesterday evening (23 March 2020) and later comments tweeted by the Communities and Housing Secretary suggesting sites can stay open where they can operate safely.

This webinar will consider the impact that the disease is likely to have on businesses and on live projects, and will provide a basic rundown of the rights and remedies that contractors and consultants are likely to have (under bespoke and all major standard-form contracts and appointments), and the steps that they should take to safeguard their positions (both contractually and from a practical perspective).

This webinar is part of a series of webinars by Beale & Co in respect of COVID-19 - details of the webinars to be delivered by our offices in Ireland and the Middle East will be distributed shortly.

Please note that places at these webinars are limited so please register your interest as soon as possible.