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There has been significant change in the construction industry as it embraces digital technology and data-centric engineering and the UK government’s UK Government Construction Strategy 2016-2020 (March 2016) aims to build on this going forward.

With BIM becoming compulsory on all centrally procured public sector projects from 4 April 2016 significant progress has been made by the industry in relation to the digitisation of construction. However, the possibilities offered by data-centric engineering may be running ahead of the development of commercial arrangements through which they are delivered (and, in some cases, even further ahead of the legal/risk management environment in which they will be delivered). It is therefore key to start thinking about the legal and risk management implications of these developments now.

Beale & Company’s Digital Network offers an up to date knowledge bank of legal articles, webinars, links to external sites and the Government's BIM site and documents offering some guidance to those making business plans on this. We will continue to add to the site and publish regular 'thought pieces'. We are keen for the Digital Network to be as interactive as possible, so please let us know if you would like us to share additional articles/links with other members.

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Legal Articles


Building Information Modelling - An Introduction (January 2010)

Building Information Modelling Guidance Note (September 2012)
Level 2 BIM Projects - a new suite of documents published (February 2013)
RIBA Plan of Work 2013 - A Step Forward for a 50 year old institution (May 2013)
Government Construction Strategy 2011 - Where are we now? (June 2013)
Construction 2025 - Efficiency, BIM and Fair Payment (July 2013)
BIM - Sharing Practical Experience (May 2015)
BIM Promotes Collaboration (June 2015)
JCT releases practice note on BIM (February 2016)
Approaching BIM - a legal perspective (March 2016)
Mind the Gaps - The Contractual Approach to BIM (March 2016)
National Infrastructure Delivery Plan (April 2016)
Digital Delivery Discussion (August 2016)
Unmanned Aerial Devices - Drones (November 2016)


Roundtable / Events


Taking Stock of the Practical and Legal Implications of BIM

BIM - Sharing Practical Experience

  Digital Delivery Discussion (August 2016)  

Useful Documents

External Links 

Construction 2025  BIM Hub
RIBA Plan of Work 2013   BIM Task Group 
NBS National BIM Report 2015   ACE BIM Engagement Group
National Infrastructure Report  BIM Plus
Digital Built Britain    BIM Level 2 
PAS 1192-2   The B1M
Government Construction Strategy 2016-20    
Highways England's innovation, technology and research stategy    

In the news


Tomorrow's Buildings: Construction industry goes robotic (May 2016)

Atkins launches design tool to incorporate wellbeing into building (April 2016)  
Tomorrow's buildings: Is world's greenest office smart? (April 2016)  


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