COVID-19 - What does the future look like for construction?

COVID-19 - What does the future look like for construction?

With many construction firms either already back to work or planning an imminent return amidst the current government lockdown, there are a number of issues businesses should be considering to protect their staff, business and their projects in the future.

In this next COVID-19 webinar Partners Antony Smith and Sheena Sood will briefly recap what has happened over the last few weeks and advice given in our previous webinars, before moving on to focus on rebuilding and the future. From a legal/risk management perspective they will cover topics such as remobilisation issues, the importance of communication now more than ever and the longer term impact of COVID-19 on the construction industry.

This webinar will follow the next government announcement due on the 7 May where we expect there to be some guidance on the exit strategy for the country as a whole in relation to COVID-19. We will be drawing on any updated guidance provided during this webinar.

To discuss any of the issues raised in this webinar please contact Antony Smith on or Sheena Sood

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