Webinar: Construction Law Update - NEC3 Engineering and Construction Contract Part 2

Construction Law Update - NEC3 Engineering and Construction Contract Part 2

Beale & Company
2 November 2016

Following our overview of the NEC3 Engineering and Construction Contract (ECC) in our webinar on 12 April 2016, we look in more detail at the following topics which are of perennial interest:

  • compensation events, including guidance on how to avoid pitfalls in the mechanisms for their notification and assessment; and
  • the role of the Project Manager, both in relation to compensation events and more generally.

This webinar provides practical tips which can help improve your current procedures. In particular, we will highlight the important differences from the equivalent provisions in the other standard forms of construction contract, and the steps which must be taken in order to administer the NEC3 ECC and to secure entitlements.

In addition, we will take the opportunity to consider some of the topics on which questions were raised in the last webinar including:

  • Is there a “gap” in design liability as between the NEC3 ECC (with or without the use of Option X15 - Limitation of Contractor’s liability to reasonable skill and care) and the NEC3 Professional Services Contract?
  • Which party bears the risk under NEC3 ECC of delay or other defective performance by statutory undertakers?
  • Option X12 (Partnering);
  • The additional clause issued by NEC3 in November 2015 for early contractor involvement; and
  • Contractor-initiated proposals to change the Works Information.

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